The service “Moj-eRačun” enables the exchange of e-Invoices in data (XML) and PDF format, and subject to UBL 2.1 standard.
All sent and received e-Invoices are stored in e-Archive on the time period of 11 years. e-Invoices are stored in the XML format, their presentation in PDF format, and attachments sent with the eRačun.
All the technical standards are in line with the Regulations of VAT and EU directives.

Service “Moj-eRačun” is Hybrid between EDI method and method of verification by electronic signature and time stamp. This means that we provide all the benefits of EDI method (transfer not only the image of invoice, but also of its contents), while maintaining the simplicity of delivery e-Invoices to the recipient, using the applicative certificate and time stamp.

After its creation, e-Invoice is sent via the “Moj-eRačun” service which is signed by applicative certificate and qualified time stamp. Thus certified e-Invoice is sent to a recipient who doesn’t have to be a service users to receive an e-Invoice.

The recipient automatically receives a notification of receipt of e-Invoice. If the recipient doesn’t download e-Invoice within two days of the notification (due to ignorance, indifference or whatever), our delivery service contact recipients and ensure that they download your e-Invoice.