• START 2013

    The idea of e-invoicing was conceptualized.

  • The first contract

    After a hundred meetings, we signed a contract with our first client!

  • “Moj-eRačun” Network

    The “Partnership network – the largest e-invoicing network” project was launched.

  • “Moj-eRačun” Academy

    We started the “Moj-eRačun Academy”. More than 500 training sessions have been held so far and we have educated more than 10,000 trainees!

  • Web Summit

    We participated at the Web Summit in Lisbon, where we were placed as a beta start-up 😊

  • Docloop Beograd

    We launched the first foreign branch in Belgrade.

  • Today

    The Moj-eRačun service has about 90,000 clients. Our partner network contains 340 manufacturers of accounting software programs and is also integrated with the FINA e-invoice service.


A few words from the founder and CEO:

Our history began at the end of 2012 as a simple idea: How to provide businesses with a simple and secure digital invoicing service? Within six months of planning and with two employees only, we launched a start-up. After 102 meetings, we finally signed a contract with our first client.

However, we did face market resistance: users felt the strain on digital infrastructure. Also, companies did not recognize the need for the service we offered.

In 2013, we realized that we needed to integrate our service with accounting software programs, and so began the creation of our partner network. We spent the next two years developing the market and educating our potential clients.

Today, we proudly serve over 90% of the Croatian e-invoicing market, and we plan to continue to grow.

– Marko Emer

Founder and CEO